Muslim Wedding Dresses for Beautiful Islamic Brides

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Having a Muslim Wedding? As many other brides, I’m sure you are looking for that perfect Muslim Wedding Gown. Well, there are certain things you need to know about Muslim wedding dresses. Most women dream about walking down the aisle one day in a white bridal gown that is seen as very traditional. The white gown may be different in many ways, but it is the most sought after dress for a bride. However, for many brides, there is the need to incorporate their religion or their culture and they will choose a traditional garment that represents this for them on their wedding day. Some women of a different culture or religion will wear a white dress, especially younger women, but will do a different cultural garment for their wedding reception. Let’s step into the wonderful world of Muslim Wedding Traditions!

Just as any Islamic Women Clothing, Muslim wedding dresses have a lot in common with a traditional bridal gown:

  • They are usually white
  • They can include lace
  • They are made of beautiful fabrics
  • They include a headpiece

Muslim Wedding Dresses : White Dresses

Many Muslim women choose to wear a white garment, much like their non-Muslim counterparts. However, the differences in the gowns are striking. Where western modern women like to show off their bodies, by wearing strapless gowns, the Muslim wedding dress will have higher necks with no cleavage or shoulders showing. A Muslim wedding gown normally has long sleeves that will not show a woman’s arms.

Not only are the neck and chest completely covered up, but the necks of the wedding dress are very high, almost turtleneck style. For their culture and religion, there is absolutely no skin showing except for the woman’s hands and face.

Other brides prefer to add some color. Well there is no problem with that. They can look as elegant and modest with their beautiful colored Muslim Wedding dresses.

Muslim Wedding Dresses : Lace and Beading

While the style of the garment is very straight laced and covered up, the choice of the embellishment of a Muslim wedding dress is up to the bride. Muslim women can choose from satin gowns that are very simple in design or choose an allover lace that is more western in design. In addition to the lace on the gown, there are beautiful Muslim wedding dresses that have elaborate beading and sequins. Muslim women are allowed to be elegantly attired in their choice of their own wedding gown, and this is th

e time to shine, with all of the details that they choose for their own wedding dress.

Muslim Wedding Dresses: Fabric Choices

The average Muslim woman can also choose from different wedding dress fabrics for their gowns. One of the more common choices is a heavier satin which will stand up to a more elaborate beading design. Other choices include using chiffon for the sleeves of a dress and an overskirt, although the chiffon is usually backed by another fabric, so as not to allow for a sheer look, which would reveal the body. As mentioned earlier, the choice of lace is a popular option for many Muslim brides.

There are many talented Muslim Wedding Dresses designers to make such beautiful Muslim wedding gowns!

Muslim Wedding Dresses by  Ida Leman

Muslim Wedding Dresses : The Headpiece

Much like their religious veils and head coverings, the Muslim bride will wear a more complex headband than the average bride. The headpiece usually covers the woman’s entire head and covers all of the woman’s hair. The headpiece usually has some length of veiling attached in the top and the back so that the bride can wear it over her face for the ceremony.


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