Kate Middleton Wedding Dress For the Awesome and Royal YOU!

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On April 29, 2011 the world watched as a Prince finally married his princess. It was on that day that Prince William the Duke of Cambridge turned Kate Middleton from an average Englander into a Duchess. The Prince William Kate Middleton Wedding created a big buzz around the world. With anticipation, the moments before the church doors opened dragged on for all those waiting to get a glimpse of her wedding dress. Then, in an instance, the world watched as she walked in donned in a beautifully simple wedding dress. It was that day that the Kate Middleton wedding dress took the world by storm.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designer

The Kate Middleton wedding dress was designed by a member of the team of English designer Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton crafted the beautiful dress in secrecy and without publicity. The dress was intended by Kate Middleton to embrace sophistication with a twinge of modernity. She wanted modest but stunning, just as her personality. Heavily involved in the making and collaboration with Sarah Burton, the dress had a unique lace applique bodice.

THE Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

The detailing in this portion of the dress was meant to represent the different nations that compose the United Kingdom. Thistles, daffodils, shamrocks, and roses all were part of the bodice of the dress representing Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and England respectively. Also part of the dress was a long and distinguished train that measured one-hundred ten inches in length. It was a notably long train that traced the floor of West Minster Abbey as Kate Middleton walked her way down the long aisle of the church.

The dress’s main body was made of a satin material that was relatively unadorned. The dress was not extremely bulky and was intended to look like a blossoming flower with petal like draping that looked stunning with its ivory and white accents. Kate’s Wedding Dress was also made to bustle quickly and under the long train, had a shorter three foot one. The detail was noted and the unique combination of style, elegance, modernity, and recognition to the culture of the United Kingdom was applauded by many critics.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress..Today

The Kate Middleton wedding dress became an instant hit. Again, Sarah Burton’s collaboration with Kate Middleton and her secrecy kept so tightly meant that there wakes an international buzz surrounding what the dress would look like. Instantly, it was a hot commodity for replication. Several bridal designers made impersonations of the original dress which was in high demand around the world. These dresses sold in a wide variety of price ranges so that all brides could, arguably, feel a portion of the royalty that Kate Middleton did.

Today, the actual Kate Middleton wedding dress is kept in Buckingham Palace on display. The estimated cost of the original dress is not known. Some estimate on the high end that it was around two-hundred fifty thousand dollars. Others, however, argue that the dress was closer to fifty thousand dollars in price. No one really knows the price as it was never publicly announced by any representative for the royal family.

Dress Like Kate Middleton for Less than $500

Have you been dreaming of wearing a Kate Middleton Wedding Dress inspired outfit on your big day? There are a lot of replicas or similar designs of Kate’s wedding dress that you can choose from that are under $500!




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