Chic Ideas for a Vintage Casual Wedding Look

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Do you want to inject a bit of that vintage feel on your casual wedding? At first, it may seem hard to mix the old with the new but still, it’s possible! You just have to learn a few tricks of the trade to work this style out. Here are some pointers in order for you to translate that classy, romantic look in your modern, casual wedding.

Lace – The fancy and intricate lace is a common characteristic of vintage dresses. To avoid making your dress too fancy for a casual wedding, pick a dress with just a touch of lace.

Corset – Corsets are very feminine and they are great for curvy women. Try a figure-hugging corset dress with a hem that falls just a few inches above the knee. Or you can also have a two-piece ensemble made up of a corset top and an a-line skirt.

corset wedding dress

corset wedding dress

Earthy colors – For the more adventurous brides, bridal gowns need not come in white. You can also choose from shades such as ecru, ivory, cream, and beige. Or you can mix a white dress with earth-toned accessories. Each of them complements the vintage look besides giving the bride a stylish yet smart look.

Boho – You can best carry this style at beach weddings. You can pull of this look by wearing a peasant top and a gypsy skirt. For accessories, you can either wear hoop or dangling earrings, scarf as a bandanna, and charm bracelets. And if you want to exude a carefree look, you can just go barefoot.

Birdcage Veil – This veil matches perfectly with the vintage casual theme since it is small but very chic with its interesting detail. In the absence of veil, you may use a fancy hairpiece such as feathered ones.

birdcage veil

birdcage veil

Pearls – When it comes to vintage accessories you can never go wrong with pearls. This simple yet elegant jewelry is reminiscent of the popular Audrey Hepburn look in her movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

High heels or platforms – High-heeled closed shoes such as pumps or stilettos complement vintage wedding dresses on indoor settings such as city hall weddings. You can also go for flats like Mary Janes if your wedding is set on a terrain, like a garden wedding. On beach weddings, you can go for flats.

Touch of red – There are many ways to add a hint of red to vamp up your vintage look. If you like to add a splash of color to your otherwise plain white dress, you can use a red obi sash on your waist. Or you can also use red lipstick to make your lips look sexy yet classy. Another way is to use a red floral hairpiece fastened at the back of your chignon hairdo.

vintage white dress

vintage white dress

Additional pointers:

  • It’s nice to add a thing or two of the abovementioned pieces in your attire. But don’t wear them altogether because you will be overdoing the vintage casual look. Remember, the rule in casual weddings is to keep it simple.
  • Since it’s a casual wedding, ditch the gloves for the meantime. Instead, have yourself a French manicure to go with your vintage look. This understated nail art will make your nails look clean, classy and sophisticated.

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